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The Benefits of Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy

28 Feb 2021

Backed by over 5,000 studies, it's like an invisible nutrient that's been used for a wide range of ailments including wrinkles, tuberculosis, cellulite, hair regrowth, sports performance, accelerated injury recovery, increased strength and much more.

Nebulized Peroxide — A Simple Remedy for COVID-19

21 Feb 2021

At the first signs of illness, jump-start this multipronged regimen. By starting treatment early, you can wipe out the virus and virtually eliminate long-haul COVID-19 syndrome. Dr. David Brownstein has been using this regimen for hundreds of patients without losing a single one to the infection.

The Troubling Role of Glyphosate in COVID-19

14 Feb 2021

This substance, found inside many everyday foods and previously viewed as harmless, may be your worst enemy - poisoning your body's machinery for creating proteins. Discover what not to eat, plus the foods and a supplement that will mitigate its toxic effects.

NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine

07 Feb 2021

To date this doctor has treated 3,000 patients with COVID-19 symptoms, with only three high-risk patients dying. County health officials questioned his results and urged residents to listen to public health officials instead - simply because the protocol included a component demonized by officials.

How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions

31 Jan 2021

Not a vaccine in the medical definition, the COVID-19 'vaccine' is really an experimental gene therapy that could end up killing large numbers of people and disabling exponentially more. Find out who may be at highest risk of dying from the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, including the 35 conditions that could place you at a much higher risk of serious side effects.

How Your Microbiome Influences Your Immune System

24 Jan 2021

Your immune system is largely dependent on it, and more than 99% of your genes come from this, not your chromosomes. Yet it's been lost through short-sighted practices and technology installations. Isn't it time we started leaning on the wisdom of our ancestors?

Simple Hacks That Make Fasting Easy

17 Jan 2021

These three hacks can help turn off hunger, stop the yo-yo cycle and help you finally get rid of those excess pounds and keep them off. Simply follow these four principles when everything else has failed.

Address Sleep Posture to Optimize Cervical Spine and Health

10 Jan 2021

When you do, it causes your body to compensate and these major muscles to go into a spasm, which rotates your pelvis and can contribute to herniation. It can also cause your spine to curve and atrophy a brain area involved in focus and executive functioning.

Mind to Matter: How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

03 Jan 2021

Fear and stress are rampant right now, and they're far more deadly and widespread than the COVID virus itself - causing your cortisol levels to soar which obliterates your immunity. Here's how to rewire your thinking and slash your cortisol levels by a third, in just 7 days.

The Case for Keto

27 Dec 2020

Contrary to what you've heard over the years, controlling obesity takes more than just eating fewer calories than you expend. What you eat matters, too. In fact, consuming too much of this (even in healthy foods) can break your metabolism, and is worse than eating excess sugar.