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The Hidden Epidemic Fueling Cancer and Heart Disease

20 Jun 2021

Medical research shows it can trigger an unexpected heart attack, yet 95% of people feel normal as it doesn't trigger the enormous pain it's known for. Most doctors are oblivious - so here are two steps you must take immediately to protect yourself.

Political Satirist Takes Up the Fight Against Tyranny

13 Jun 2021

With the 'shock-and-awe' phase over, they're moving into a more insidious reprogramming phase in which you're being trained to accept your lot as a subjugated slave within a totalitarian control system. Will you control, or will you fight for your freedom?

Shocking Case of Academic Censorship

06 Jun 2021

It's easy to spot propaganda that you disagree with, but it's more difficult when it's telling you something you want to hear or think is true, especially if it's news, entertainment or coming from an expert. Be forewarned - to spot propaganda, you'll have to move out of your comfort zone.

The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health

30 May 2021

The worst symptoms of COVID-19 are created by the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein - yet this is the very thing gene-based COVID vaccines are instructing your body to make - and it's been manipulated to induce vascular, heart and neurological damage.

COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease

23 May 2021

According to this senior research scientist, the COVID-19 vaccines are literally instruction sets for your body to make a toxic protein that will wind up concentrated in your spleen, from where prion-like protein instructions will be sent out to your brain, leading to neurodegenerative diseases.

Simple Steps to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

09 May 2021

It's the ultimate betrayal. A campaign of disinformation designed to pull the wool over your eyes. This industry makes a fortune overdiagnosing cases, then treating them with remedies that increase your risk of getting the actual disease a decade or more down the line.

Food as Medicine — The Answer to Mounting Health Crises

02 May 2021

Food can only be healthy if it does two things: protect your liver and feed your gut. Real food does both, but a food that does neither is poison and does your body more harm than good. The bad news for those eating processed food? There's no medicine that can undo its damage on your body.

US Citizens Have a New Weapon in Their Fight for Freedom

25 Apr 2021

Once they are launched, if you choose not to get vaccinated, you'll likely be switched off of society. You may even find yourself barred from food shopping and your family members locked out of school. Worse, it will confirm we have truly landed on the final step on the path to a tyrannical government.

CDC Violated Law to Inflate COVID Cases and Fatalities

18 Apr 2021

After 17 years, why did the rules suddenly change for reporting COVID-19 cases and deaths, just as the pandemic started gathering steam in March of 2020? Bigger than politics, the poisoning of our data collection processes and shattering of our scientific foundations can no longer be ignored.

The Dangers of Root Canals and How to Treat Them

11 Apr 2021

More than 20 million root canal procedures are done every year in the US, despite the fact that root canal-treated teeth can harbor dangerous pathogens that contribute to chronic disease. If you need a root canal procedure, take these precautions. Already have one? Do this to rule out infection.