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The Damaging Effects of Oxalates on the Human Body

10 Nov 2019

Is this why so many health-conscious people feel so lousy? Highly reactive compound hardly anyone has heard of triggers kidney stones, joint problems, fibromyalgia, RA, lupus and more. Most doctors don't even know. Is it what's 'eating you alive' and making you sicker than a dog?

Cannabis in Modern Medicine

03 Nov 2019

Particularly effective for depression, anxiety and pain - can also improve symptoms of Parkinson's. What's more, unlike opioids, it's completely nonaddictive and you cannot die from an overdose as your brain stem has no receptors for it.

Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma

27 Oct 2019

When trust is smashed and betrayed - especially during childhood - getting beyond it can be highly trying. Fortunately, this proven recovery program is so effective it's been used in war-torn Bosnia, Kosovo and Gaza. And if traumatized 9-year-old Azar can recover, it can probably work for you too.

Regenerative Medicine for Nerve and Neuropathic Pain

20 Oct 2019

Regenerative medicine may hold the key for resolving low back pain and nerve pain from impingement of the nerves, carpal tunnel and inflammation. A quadriplegic from a rollover vehicle accident three years prior learned to do 20 to 30 squats and watched his neuropathic pain vanish.

Cancer and the New Biology of Water

13 Oct 2019

Could tumors be caused by a problem with the water in your cells? According to this physician, the core cause of malignancy may not be your genes or even your cells' mitochondria. Rather, the cytoplasm, or the structured water in your cells, may be to blame.

Radical Innovators Are Trying to Transform Health Care

06 Oct 2019

Most medical students pursue medicine for the right reasons, but then they get left a few hundred thousand dollars in debt - and brainwashed into a single-minded focus, which walks them right into the hands of Big Pharma. Here's why the system is designed to fail.

How Glucosinolates and Isothiocyanates Promote Health

29 Sep 2019

When you consume plants like broccoli and moringa, their isothiocyanates trigger protective enzymes and ratchet up your cells' defense mechanisms, including the crucial Nrf2 pathway. The resulting long-lasting indirect antioxidants powerfully protect your cells from assault.

2019 Vaccine Awareness Week Update

22 Sep 2019

Many believe when they do this, they are virtually guaranteed not to end up a victim - but nothing could be further from the truth. Here are the sneaky games they're playing to pull the wool over your eyes.

How to Increase Metabolic Autophagy and Why You Should

15 Sep 2019

Even if you're eating high-quality food, if you're doing this on a regular basis throughout the day, you're sabotaging your health. And please, whatever you do, don't do this within three hours before bed.

What broke American health care and how to fix it

08 Sep 2019

Some hospitals will charge five to 10 times the going rate for services, then sue patients who cannot afford the padded bills - and use the court system as their collection agency, forcing many into bankruptcy. Here are the traps to watch out for.