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What You Need to Know About the Act of 1986

26 Sep 2020

Imagine being forced to buy a car that shielded the manufacturer from liability, and drive it against your will without proper safety testing. This is now a very real possibility with the COVID-19 vaccine and it was set up way back in 1986. I urge you to watch this now.

Vaccine Awareness Week Update 2020

20 Sep 2020

While you've been distracted by COVID-19, the highest number of bills ever have been introduced in state legislatures - including ones sought to eliminate your right to make a choice altogether. Join us at this event to discover what Big Pharma wants to keep hidden.

The Little-Known Sordid History of Psychiatry

13 Sep 2020

Known as 'the conscience of psychiatry,' he says 'there is no promising medical treatment and probably there never can be,' as depression is primarily rooted in this. Sadly, millions are increasing their risk of suicide, diabetes and heart attack - without even knowing.

Ketones: The Fourth Fuel

06 Sep 2020

Have you heard of the term metabolically flexible? It's perhaps the most effective weapon against COVID-19, because it drives two of the biggest risk factors off the road, and over the cliff - no wonder it was a standard of care for this disease in the 1920s.

How Nebulized Peroxide Helps Against Respiratory Infections

30 Aug 2020

This is an inexpensive and effective way to treat COVID-19. The peer-reviewed paper found, out of 107 sick patients, there was just one hospitalization, no ventilators, and zero deaths. So why did the FTC send a warning letter to stop them?

Annual Mercury Awareness Week Update

23 Aug 2020

The people most vulnerable to harm and those who deserve better remain left behind in this outlandish experiment that's gone on far too long. But there's good news, too. Find out what's happened over the past year in this annual update.

Frontline Nurse Speaks Out About Lethal Protocols

16 Aug 2020

This epicenter nurse has a story to tell - and it's enough to make your skin crawl. Why was the death rate so high in this New York City hospital? Who is really in charge and gives 'do not resuscitate' orders? The day-to-day activities and conditions at this hospital likely encouraged maximum spread of the disease. Not for the faint of heart.

The Pressing Dangers of Technocracy

09 Aug 2020

The first country to ever implement this system was Nazi Germany under Hitler, and Canada's leader was the grandfather of Elon Musk. That ought to be enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your head. Are you being played like a puppet by COVID-19?

The Role of Metabolic Health in Better COVID-19 Outcomes

02 Aug 2020

Your metabolic health plays a significant role in how sick you can become with COVID-19. At least 90% of people in this country are metabolically unhealthy - are you? Find out where you stand with these seven diagnostic criteria.

Annual Fluoride Awareness Week Update

02 Aug 2020

An abundance of research now shows it's doing more harm than good. Studies have shown toxicity from this substance is linked to serious health problems affecting many areas of the body - including your bones, brain, thyroid, pineal gland and even your blood sugar levels. Over 2,500 pages of scientific documentation detail the associated health risks of this dangerous practice that is being forced on whole populations.