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Why You Should Embrace Healthful Sun Exposure

19 Jan 2020

You've been lied to about this, and are probably avoiding it - even though it makes your risk of a heart attack soar. Just 20 minutes can work wonders, opening up your blood vessels and significantly lowering your risk of heart disease.

How to Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body and Defy Aging

19 Jan 2020

Upgrade your brain, optimize your body, defy aging and improve your energy with these longevity hacks that will also help you remain vibrant for as long as possible - including a widely underappreciated benefit everyone needs in the case of sickness or hospitalization.

Blood Flow Restriction Training for Muscle Mass Maintenance

12 Jan 2020

Finally, there's a simple exercise that's suitable for almost everyone, especially the elderly, that can lower risk of osteoporosis and sarcopenia at the same time. Also boosts bone formation and helps prevent the breakdown of bone density while improving aerobic capacity and cardiovascular endurance.

Hallmarks of Alzheimer's Are Stimulated by This Substance

12 Jan 2020

If you don't want Alzheimer's, avoid this. It's not the only cause, but it is a major exacerbating factor. Despite the risks, it's still being used, because there's no money to be made by telling people this.

How to Assess Your Biochemical Individuality

05 Jan 2020

Are you poisoning yourself by eating these healthy foods? This woman was, while also zapping her energy. Despite being told she would be disabled in a decade, almost 20 years later, she's defied the odds and takes no painkillers. Here's the missing link that changed everything.

Blood Flow Resistance Training Improves Muscle Performance

05 Jan 2020

As you age, you can lose muscle and muscle strength as your mitochondria become depleted, damaged and dysfunctional. The traditional therapy is resistance training with heavy weights. Now there's a much easier and safer way to stop it, and you can grow more blood vessels at the same time.

Simple Strategies That Will Help You Live Longer

29 Dec 2019

What's different about people who live beyond 100 years of age? They are actually aging normally while the rest of us are aging at an accelerated rate. Controlling that rate may boil down to a switch inside your body that you can control through your daily activities.

Top Tips to Detox Your Body

29 Dec 2019

Glyphosate levels have soared in recent years - to eliminate it before it ruins your immune system (resulting in chronic infection), just take 1 teaspoon of this twice a day. It forces the glyphosate out of your system, allowing it to be eliminated via your urine.

A Practical Guide to EMF Mitigation

22 Dec 2019

Hardly anyone pays attention, but the consequences include anxiety, depression, autism, reproductive problems and Alzheimer's - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Learn how to protect yourself.

The Science Behind Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

15 Dec 2019

Small but mighty, this molecule offers unique antioxidant effects. It's been shown to benefit every organ in the human body, thanks to its ability to penetrate any membrane space. Take it cyclically or pulsed for best results.