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Food as Medicine — The Answer to Mounting Health Crises

02 May 2021

Food can only be healthy if it does two things: protect your liver and feed your gut. Real food does both, but a food that does neither is poison and does your body more harm than good. The bad news for those eating processed food? There's no medicine that can undo its damage on your body.

US Citizens Have a New Weapon in Their Fight for Freedom

25 Apr 2021

Once they are launched, if you choose not to get vaccinated, you'll likely be switched off of society. You may even find yourself barred from food shopping and your family members locked out of school. Worse, it will confirm we have truly landed on the final step on the path to a tyrannical government.

CDC Violated Law to Inflate COVID Cases and Fatalities

18 Apr 2021

After 17 years, why did the rules suddenly change for reporting COVID-19 cases and deaths, just as the pandemic started gathering steam in March of 2020? Bigger than politics, the poisoning of our data collection processes and shattering of our scientific foundations can no longer be ignored.

The Dangers of Root Canals and How to Treat Them

11 Apr 2021

More than 20 million root canal procedures are done every year in the US, despite the fact that root canal-treated teeth can harbor dangerous pathogens that contribute to chronic disease. If you need a root canal procedure, take these precautions. Already have one? Do this to rule out infection.

Is This the Most Effective Weapon Against Viral Infections?

04 Apr 2021

It's inexpensive and readily available wherever you live, so once you know about this do-it-yourself intervention, you'll never fear SARS-CoV-2, influenza or other viral infections again. In fact, it's so reliable and fast-acting, it makes vaccination irrelevant.

Vandana Shiva on the Taking Down of Bill Gates' Empires

28 Mar 2021

By the looks of his actions, this power-hungry technocrat is hell-bent on undermining life in all of its forms. From forcing public institutions to use only his patented intellectual property to surveilling and mining the world's farmers for their agricultural data, Gates creates turmoil wherever he goes.

What You Can Learn From the African Hadza Tribe

21 Mar 2021

Upon a recent trip to Africa, Dr. Paul Saladino spent time with the Hadza tribe, wanting to find out why they don't suffer from the common Western maladies of malignancy, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression or dementia. What he discovered will challenge your beliefs to the core.

Simple Remedies to Optimize Your Energy and Combat Fatigue

14 Mar 2021

It almost automatically improves your mitochondrial health and metabolic flexibility, and is quickly being recognized as one of the most effective ways to optimize your energy because it has an extraordinary impact on the circadian rhythm of your gut microbiome.

The Benefits of Red Light and Near-Infrared Light Therapy

28 Feb 2021

Backed by over 5,000 studies, it's like an invisible nutrient that's been used for a wide range of ailments including wrinkles, tuberculosis, cellulite, hair regrowth, sports performance, accelerated injury recovery, increased strength and much more.

Nebulized Peroxide — A Simple Treatment for COVID-19

21 Feb 2021

At the first signs of illness, jump-start this multipronged regimen. By starting treatment early, you can wipe out the virus and virtually eliminate long-haul COVID-19 syndrome. Dr. David Brownstein has been using this regimen for hundreds of patients without losing a single one to the infection.